The Trendy Electric Lighter That People Can’t Stop Talking About

Just one Electric Wand Lighter can replace all the disposables in your home

Sleek, reliable, and rechargeable, Electric Wand Lighter balanaces a practical at-home lighter with a unique and futuristic design. From candles to grills, this lighter does it all, and you’ll never have to worry about it running out of fuel. The people have spoken - you’ll never need another lighter again!

Extend your reach and protect your hands with Electric Wand Lighter! Designed to make it easy and comfortable to light hard-to-reach candles, grills, and stoves, its long neck helps you aim the plasma arc with precision. Electric Wand Lighter doesn't use any butane or produce a flame, making it windproof, waterproof, and safer to use. At full charge, Electric Wand Lighter will last for months and can easily be recharged in under 60 minutes.

Groundbreaking Technology in the Palm of your Hand

Since this revolutionary technology became available to the general public, people can’t stop singing the praises of Electric Wand Lighter. It took expert engineers to develop Electric Wand Lighter, which combines Tesla Coil technology with a lithium ion battery to create a consumer-friendly version of the legendary device.

Electric Wand Lighter produces a waterproof & windproof 1,800 degree flame that i harshest conditions… even under running water!

No gas or butane is required for this survival tool. The built-in, lithium ion battery is fully rechargeable keeping your Electric Wand Lighter going for days. One charge will last for up to 500 uses and it charges easily using a Micro USB charging cord (included) that can be plugged into a car, boat, laptop or outlet.

When it comes to a trustworthy and reliable lighter in the house, Electric Wand Lighter blows any butane lighter out of the water.

Electric Wand Lighter has Endless Uses, Inside and Out

Light up your home both inside and outside with Electric Wand Lighter! Whether you are lighting a set of candles to set a mood or igniting some starter paper for a roaring bonfire fire, Electric Wand Lighter has you covered.

Because Electric Wand Lighter is both windproof and waterproof, you can safely and effectively use it outdoors in the wind, rain, or snow. Plus, it is lightweight and portable, making it perfect to keep in a beach or picnic bag.

High Tech Features

  • Waterproof - Plasma arc doesn’t go out during rain or under running water
  • Windproof - Produces arc in strong winds and severe weather
  • Futuristic Design - Compact, sleek, and easy-to-use
  • Long Battery Life - Up to 500 uses per charge
  • Fully Rechargeable - Only 60 minutes for a full charge
  • Includes - Micro USB charging cable

Putting Electric Wand Lighter to an Unexpected Test

Emily Marstack bought an Electric Wand Lighter to bring with her to the lake house. She had heard it was the first waterproof, windproof and 100% electric lighter that's great for everyday use. As soon as the power went out during the snowstorm, Emily quickly pulled out her Electric Wand Lighter, which still had over half of it’s battery life.

“That summer, we used only one lighter for everything, and that was Electric Wand Lighter. We made bonfires, I cooked on the charcoal grill, and we ate almost every night outside by candle light. Once the snowstorm hit, I knew I had the ability to make a fire, light candles, and light the stove - three essential things when you have two antsy boys.

Stranded at home, Emily had one of her boys go fetch fire wood outside and the other pull out the candles before it got dark. Their home was over 100 years old and they used electric plug-in heaters for warmth in the winter, making a fire was necessary for survival. Emily used her Electric Wand Lighter to start a fire and to light the gas stove, and had her older son light about 50 candles around the house.

For 3 days, Emily and her two sons were without electricity. While it sounds like a difficult time, all 3 of them had a great time! The boys loved playing in the snow and warming up by the fire, and Emily enjoyed getting creative in the kitchen with limited ingredients and only a gas stove to work with. And of course, who doesn’t enjoy ending the day reading a book by candle light.

"Just as I was about to panic," Emily recalled, "I realized that I had my most important bases covered thanks to Electric Wand Lighter. We really had no issues lighting or igniting anything the whole time we were snowed it, and my boys were comfortable using it to help out since it’s so safe."

Despite the weather and the lack of electricity, Emily and her boys made it through the blizzard without ever having lost heat, light, or hot food. And they even had a great time doing it. When they needed it most, Electric Wand Lighter, serviced all of their lighting needs.

"I was so grateful that my sons were going to be safe and out of the bitter cold. Without my amazing Electric Wand Lighter, I never would have had the confidence to control my situation and provide for my sons. It sounds silly, but there’s no replacement for a reliable lighter, and I have that with Electric Wand Lighter. There was even some battery life left," Emily said with a smile.

Love for Electric Wand Lighter is Taking Over Social Media

A Gift that Every Home Needs!

No matter what the size or location, every home needs a trusted and reliable source for fire, which makes Electric Wand Lighter an amazing gift for practically everyone in your life. Share the power of plasma arc technology and your friends and family will never turn to butane lighters again.

Our Concluding Thoughts

Calling this remarkable piece of technology a "lighter" does it a real disservice. Electric Wand Lighter should be an essential addition to anyone’s home. There is always a need for a quick light, and this lighter is essentially a perpetual power generation machine providing nearly unlimited, inextinguishable, clean-burning plasma arc flame.

We were always sold on the idea, but the biggest thing we were worried about was the price. Electric Wand Lighter is made from premium materials and advanced electric technology, so we assumed it would not be cheap. Turns out we were wrong.

Electric Wand Lighter is having a temporary promotion and is selling these lighters for less than half the price of other electric lighters. They want to get Electric Wand Lighter into the hands of as many Americans as possible. Supplies are extremely limited, so check availability in your area.

When we first researched this lighter, we were sure it would go for at least $100, or even $150.

You be suprised to find that you can get them right now for up to 61% Off (normally $59.99 in speciality stores!) It's an amazing deal, considering most people won't think twice forking over $50-$100 for a conventional fragile butane lighter.

How To Get?

Right now it's only available from Electric Wand Lighter official website.

With their full market release scheduled for later this year, Electric Wand Lighter is bound to be a big hit nationwide. As a special introductory sale, the company is offering limited quantities of this product at a deep discount for the next few weeks. Select your state below to see if they're still available in your region.

Electric Wand Lighter is also protected by a full 30 day money back guarantee!

Update: - Ever since Electric Wand Lighter was featured in the media, it has skyrocketed in popularity and been selling out like crazy. To say thanks the company is now offering 61% off to all new customers.

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