This “flame-less fire” is a must have for every household

This revolutionary flame-less lighter works in wind, water, and everything in between!

Imagine – a lighter even WATER couldn’t put out!

One hundred years ago, genius inventor Nikola Tesla found a way to harness the power of lightning in a bottle. His invention, the Tesla Coil, is a contraption that produces plasma arcs of electric energy.

If you had to get a fire started RIGHT NOW, could you do it?

But what about if you were outdoors on a windy day?

What about in a storm?

Whether you’re a lover of the outdoors, or just a practical person, you know two things are very true:

1. Without flame from a match or a lighter, most of us would be up the creek without a paddle – especially in an emergency – and

2. Outside of perfectly dry, non-breezy conditions, a regular lighter can be a real headache.

Fortunately, flame isn’t the only way to start a fire.

Thanks to a revolutionary new technology called Black Lighter, anyone can start a fire in even the harshest conditions.

It’s fully rechargeable, windproof, waterproof and fuel-free. You can use it in the driving rain, severe winds....even under water!

What exactly is a “flame-less lighter”?

Calling this remarkable piece of technology a "lighter" does it a real disservice.

Originally, this technological discovery was used for decades by military scientists to develop a variety of top-secret government and national security applications. Only recently has this revolutionary technology become available to the general public.

Rather than using the spark/fuel method that most lighters employ, Black Lighter combines Tesla Coil technology with a lithium ion battery to create a flameless spark.

There’s no lighter fluid, like you’d find in cheap lighters. Only an easily rechargeable battery.

Speaking of the rechargeable battery – the Black Lighter charges easily using a Micro USB charging cord (included) that can be plugged into a car, boat, laptop or outlet. A single charge will last for up to 500 uses.

Here are more reasons why people love Black Lighter:

  • Wind AND waterproof: Since the lighter uses no flame, it is not only windproof, but also stays lit in rain and under running water.
  • Smoke & Flame Free: Black Lighter produces neither smoke nor glaring flame. Plus it doesn't use toxic fuels, so it's also safer to store and better for your health!
  • Safe: This lighter features a safety feature that it will not light up when the lid is closed, even if the button is pressed.
  • Compact Design: At just 2.8 x 1.9 x 0.75 inches, Black Lighter is so lightweight and compact, you’ll forgeet it’s there!
  • Built-in Water-resistant Flashlight: Each Black Lighter comes with a removable, tear-resistant 17-inch lanyard.

Black Lighter is an essential addition to anyone's home.

Whether they like to fish, hunt, hike or barbeque, all outdoor enthusiasts will love this flameless, fire starter. No more rubbing sticks together or throwing money away on flimsy disposable lighters. With Black Lighter, simply pop open the lid, push the ignite button and instantly have the flame you need to start a fire, cook a meal, roast marshmallows and keep warm in the great outdoors!

Keep a Black Lighter at home to light candles and incense, start a flame in the fireplace, or fire up the grill.

Keep a 2nd Black Lighter in your car for emergencies. It's windproof, waterproof, and fully rechargeable, making it the ideal camping, hiking and survival companion for any terrain or weather condition.

The best part?

Since Black Lighter is made from premium materials and advanced electric technology, you would think it wouldn’t be cheap.

But you’d be wrong.

Black Lighter is having a temporary promotion and is selling these lighters for less than half the price of other electric lighters.

Supplies are extremely limited, so check availability in your area.

When we first researched this lighter, we were sure it would go for at least $100, or even $150. You be suprised to find that you can get them right now for up to 61% Off (normally $59.99 in speciality stores!)

That includes the:

  • Built-in Water-resistant Flashlight
  • Long-lasting battery (up to 500 uses per charge)
  • Includes Micro USB charging cable.
  • 15' Lanyard Included
  • Water and Shatterproof Tough-as-Nails ABS Plastic Case

It's an amazing deal, considering most people won't think twice forking over $50-$100 for a conventional fragile butane lighter.

How To Get Black Lighter

Right now it's only available from Black Lighter official website.

With their full market release scheduled for later this year, Black Lighter is bound to be a big hit nationwide. As a special introductory sale, the company is offering limited quantities of this product at a deep discount for the next few weeks. Select your state below to see if they're still available in your region.

Black Lighter is also protected by a full 30 day money back guarantee!

Update: - Ever since Black Lighter was featured in the media, it has skyrocketed in popularity and been selling out like crazy. To say thanks the company is now offering 61% off to all new customers!